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The Defenders (TV series 1961-1965)

Aka: Försvarsadvokaterna (Sweden)
Director: Paul Bogart, Stuart Rosenberg, David Greene ... more
Year: 1961
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Recent law school graduate (Robert Reed) joins his father (E.G. Marshall) as the pair tackle challenging legal cases, often involving issues which were highly touchy for the times (abortion, euthanasia, "un-American" activities, movie censorship). In most the freshly minted lawyer has much to learn from his father's extensive legal experience. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Nicholas Hammond [12] Bobby Braden (TV Episode: The Last Six Months) (1962)
Luke Halpin [15] Paul Haber (TV Episode: The Tarnished Cross) (1962)
Richard Thomas [10] Johnny Remington (TV Episode: The Boy Between) (1961)
Peter Lazer [17] Alan Slater (TV Episode: Fugue for Trumpet and Small Boy) (1963)
Donnie Melvin [7] Jeff Harrow (TV Episode: The Voices of Death) (1962)
Scotty Morrow [15] (TV Episode: The Treadmill) (1961)
Michael Kearney [10] Wild Bill Andrews (TV Episode: Only a Child) (1965)

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