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87th Precinct (TV series 1961-1962)

87th Precinct (USA)

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1961 September, 25
60 minutes
Drama / Crime
Production Company:

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Manhattan's 87th precinct forms the backdrop for this grim and gritty police drama based on the long-running series of novels by Ed McBain. Storylines focus on neighborhood crime, and the lives of the officers of the 87th and their families: Steve Carella and his deaf/mute wife, Teddy; rookie Bert Kling; long-time veteran Roger Havilland and the wryly philosophical Meyer Meyer. - IMDb

87-й полицейский участок Soviet Union
87. piiri Finland
87th Precinct USA
87° squadra Italy
Jefatura 87 Mexico
Polizeirevier 87 West Germany

Children's Cast:

Patty Ann Gerrity [14] Wendy (TV Episode: A Bullet for Katie) (1962)
Roger Mobley [12] Lane Conners / Danny (TV Episode: Lady Killer) (1961)
Billy E. Hughes [13] Frankie Annuci (TV Episode: Lady Killer) (1961)
Scotty Morrow [16] (TV Episode: Out of Order) (1962)
Michael Flatley [9] Chuck (TV Episode: Lady in Waiting) (1961)
Danny Bravo [14] Ramon Morales (TV Episode: Ramon) (1962)
Terry Burnham [12] Jane Mencken (TV Episode: Killer's Payoff) (1961)