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Shirley (TV series 1979-1980)

Director: Robert Birnbaum, Mel Ferber, Alan Myerson ... more
Release: 26 Oct 1979
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Shirley Miller is a widow with three children who moves from a big city to small one. And like most widows and displaced individuals, she has a hard time making ends meet and her children are not exactly pleased with their new surroundings. Also accompanying her is her step-son, Bill. And also like most step-mother- step-son relationships, the two of them disagree on a lot of things. But she has help, the housekeeper, Charlotte, the handyman, Dutch, and Lew, a friend and possible, new man in her life. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Tracey Gold [10] Michelle Miller (TV Episode: Teddy Roosevelt Slept Here) (1979)
Pat Petersen [14] Ross Burke (TV Episode: Fenced In) (1980)

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