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Saving Grace (TV series 2007-2010)

Grace (USA: working title)

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2007 July, 23
60 minutes
Drama / Fantasy
Production Company:

An angel offers a jaded Oklahoma City police detective the chance to redeem her life. - IMDb

Grace (working title) USA
Grace ima tezave Slovenia
Hyvässä uskossa Finland
Iertarea pacatelor Romania
Milosrdna Grace Croatia
Ocalić Grace Poland
Salvando a Grace Spain
Милосрдна Грејс Serbia
Спасите Грейс Russia
女捜査官グレイス 〜 天使の保護観察中 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Andrew Astor [8] Jack Fielding (TV Episode: Are You an Indian Princess?) (2008)
Brooklynn Proulx [8] Maddy (TV Episode: Pilot) (2007)
Hannah Marks [17] Mae Rodriguez (TV Episode: I Killed Kristin) (2010)
Malcolm David Kelley [15] Benjamin Cooley (TV Episode: Everything's Got a Shelf Life) (2007)
Bret Loehr [14] Tony (TV Episode: This Is Way Too Normal for You) (2007)
Adair Tishler [11] Violet (TV Episode: Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned) (2007)
Dylan Minnette [11] Clay Norman (TV Episode: So Help You God) (2007)
Brighid Fleming [10] Young Grace Hanadarko (TV Episode: Am I Going to Lose Her?) (2009)
Braeden Lemasters [12] Tommy Ward (TV Episode: It's a Fierce, White-Hot, Mighty Love) (2008)
Jake Johnson [12] Young Charlie Hudson (TV Episode: Am I Going to Lose Her?) (2009)