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D Minus

D Minus (United Kingdom)

My Rating: /10
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82 minutes

New York mob boss, Michael Barzini is blackmailed by a computer hacker in Orlando, Florida and sends two of his men to "take care of the problem". Vinny, the veteran hitman, is teamed up with Charlie, a trigger happy rookie. Starski and Dutch are two slackers from Orlando who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. After an all-night poker game, they end up in the same bar as Vinny and Charlie. Their paths cross, as Starski and Dutch win the lottery and are wrongfully accused of murder. They consequently lose their lottery ticket to the bad guys and try desperately to get it back and clear their names. The plot twists as the story is written before your eyes by two film students, and the fate of our heroes and the grade of the film are still up for grabs until the end. - IMDb

D Minus United Kingdom
D Minus USA

Children's Cast:

John Patrick Amedori [11] Lead