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The Jack Benny Program (TV series 1950-1965)

The Jack Benny Program (Australia)
The Jack Benny Show (USA: informal title)
The Lucky Strike Program (USA)

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1950 October, 28
30 minutes


Jack Benny was a regular on his own radio program since 1932. He brought the program, with his underplayed humor, to TV along with his radio regulars. Jack, who remained 39-years-old, kept his money in his basement and drove his old Maxwell car just as he had done on the radio. - IMDb

The Jack Benny Program Australia
The Jack Benny Program Canada
The Jack Benny Program Canada
The Jack Benny Program Philippines
The Jack Benny Program Sweden
The Jack Benny Program USA
The Jack Benny Show (informal title) USA
Jack-Benny-Show West Germany
The Lucky Strike Program USA
El Programa de Jack Benny Venezuela
Передача Джека Бенни Russia
Программа Джека Бенни Soviet Union
ジャックベニー Japan

Children's Cast:

Bill Mumy [8] Little Boy Who Weighs Himself (TV Episode: Jack and the Crying Cab Driver) (1962)
Ken Osmond [14] Newspaper Boy (TV Episode: John Forsythe Show) (1957)
Charles Herbert [8] Stevie Miller / The New Year (TV Episode: New Years Day, 1956) (1956)
Jon Provost [7] Timmy Martin (TV Episode: John Forsythe Show) (1957)
Flip Mark [13] Tommy (TV Episode: Jack at Supermarket) (1961)
Stephen Wootton [10] Joey Miller / Stevie Beaver (TV Episode: Jack Takes the Beavers to the Fair) (1955)
Philip Phillips Jimmy Durante Impersonator (TV Episode: Hope and Benny in Agent's Office) (1957)
Barry Gordon [6] Harry Johnson / Jack Benny, as a Child (TV Episode: The Life of Jack Benny) (1954)
Ronald Anton [10] (TV Episode: George Gobel/Red Skelton Show) (1956)
Dennis Holmes [4] Jimmy Evans (TV Episode: The Life of Jack Benny) (1954)
Gregory Irvin [9] Beaver scout (TV Episode: Children's Version of the Show) (1961)
Scotty Morrow [10] (TV Episode: George Gobel/Red Skelton Show) (1956)
David Foley Beverly Hills Beaver (TV Episode: Main Street Shelter) (1961)
Danny Richards Jr. [12] Older child (TV Episode: Jack Does Christmas Shopping) (1954)
Louis Lettieri [16] (TV Episode: Christmas Show) (1960)
Jimmy Baird [9] Jimmy Beaver / Jimmy (TV Episode: The Life of Jack Benny) (1954)
Beverly Washburn [9] Margaret Truman (TV Episode: Jack Gets Robbed) (1952)
Gary Allen [14] (TV Episode: George Gobel/Red Skelton Show) (1956)
Tom Mann (TV Episode: Entire Cast Show) (1954)
David Saber Newsboy (TV Episode: How Jack Found Mary) (1954)