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Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (TV series 1955-1958)

Jane Wyman Presents (USA: rerun title)
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre (USA)
Jane Wyman Theater (USA)

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1955 August, 30
30 minutes
Production Company:

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Jane Wyman presenta Teatro Fireside Venezuela
Jane Wyman Presents (rerun title) USA
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre USA
Jane Wyman Show West Germany
Jane Wyman Theater USA
Kleine Spiele aus Übersee (new title) West Germany

Children's Cast:

Bobby Clark [11] (TV Episode: Along Came a Bachelor) (1955)
Ruthie Robinson [8] Marilyn Warnike (TV Episode: The Doctor Was a Lady) (1958)
Christian Pasques [13] Tommy (TV Episode: Ride with the Executioner) (1955)
Mimi Gibson [8] Sharon / Kathleen (TV Episode: The Mirror) (1956)
Charles Herbert [9] Terry Carroll (TV Episode: The Man in the Car) (1957)
Lydia Reed [11] Mary (TV Episode: Ride with the Executioner) (1955)
Tiger Fafara [10] Horace (TV Episode: Woman at Sea) (1955)
Bart Braverman [10] Tony Bedoya (TV Episode: The Way to Heaven) (1956)
Ronald Anton [11] (TV Episode: Contact) (1957)
Danny Richards Jr. [14] First Boy (TV Episode: The Liberator) (1956)
Jimmy Baird [11] Davie (TV Episode: Let Yesterday Die) (1956)
Harvey Grant [9] Son (TV Episode: Along Came a Bachelor) (1955)
David Halper [10] (TV Episode: There Comes One Moment) (1957)
Beverly Washburn [14] Nonnie Latham (TV Episode: Farmer's Wife) (1957)
Dennis Kerlee [13] Harry (TV Episode: Hide and Seek) (1958)
David Kasday [14] Buddy / Johnnie Gaines (TV Episode: Once Upon a Nightmare) (1956)
Lee Erickson Man (TV Episode: The Liberator) (1956)