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Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (TV series 1955-1958)

Jane Wyman Presents (USA: rerun title)
Jane Wyman Theater (USA: alternative title)

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1955 August, 30
30 minutes
Production Company:

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Jane Wyman Presents (rerun title) USA
Jane Wyman Show West Germany
Jane Wyman Theater (alternative title) USA
Kleine Spiele aus Übersee (new title) West Germany

Children's Cast:

Bobby Clark [11] (TV Episode: Along Came a Bachelor) (1955)
Ruthie Robinson [8] Marilyn Warnike (TV Episode: The Doctor Was a Lady) (1958)
Christian Pasques [13] Tommy (TV Episode: Ride with the Executioner) (1955)
Mimi Gibson [8] Sharon / Kathleen (TV Episode: The Mirror) (1956)
Charles Herbert [9] Terry Carroll (TV Episode: The Man in the Car) (1957)
Lydia Reed [11] Mary (TV Episode: Ride with the Executioner) (1955)
Tiger Fafara [10] Horace (TV Episode: Woman at Sea) (1955)
Bart Braverman [10] Tony Bedoya (TV Episode: The Way to Heaven) (1956)
Ronald Anton [11] (TV Episode: Contact) (1957)
Danny Richards Jr. [14] First Boy (TV Episode: The Liberator) (1956)
Jimmy Baird [11] Davie (TV Episode: Let Yesterday Die) (1956)
Harvey Grant [9] Son (TV Episode: Along Came a Bachelor) (1955)
David Halper [10] (TV Episode: There Comes One Moment) (1957)
Beverly Washburn [14] Nonnie Latham (TV Episode: Farmer's Wife) (1957)
Dennis Kerlee [13] Harry (TV Episode: Hide and Seek) (1958)
David Kasday [14] Buddy / Johnnie Gaines (TV Episode: Once Upon a Nightmare) (1956)
Lee Erickson Man (TV Episode: The Liberator) (1956)