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CBS Schoolbreak Special (TV series 1984-1996)

Director: David J. Eagle, Joanna Lee, Susan Rohrer ... more
Year: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Drama / Family / Romance

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CBS late-afternoon specials designed for junior high and high school students, dramatizing issues affecting teens. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Lukas Haas [11] Mike Sanders (TV Episode: My Dissident Mom) (1987)
Drew Barrymore [14] Susan (TV Episode: 15 and Getting Straight) (1989)
Kirsten Dunst [13] (voice) (TV Episode: Children Remember the Holocaust) (1995)
Miko Hughes [7] Andy Walters (TV Episode: Big Boys Don't Cry) (1993)
Jeremy Licht [13] Matt Elder (TV Episode: All the Kids Do It) (1984)
Casey Ellison [13] Karl (TV Episode: Frog Girl: The Jenifer Graham Story) (1989)
David Faustino [12] Travis Bickle / Louie Dawson (TV Episode: The Drug Knot) (1986)
Michael Faustino [9] Jimmy (TV Episode: Home Sweet Homeless) (1988)
Nathaniel Moreau [12] John Kingston (TV Episode: Maggie's Secret) (1990)
Roxana Zal [17] Michael's Sister / Allie Newton (TV Episode: God, the Universe & Hot Fudge Sundaes) (1986)
Martin Lewis [17] (TV Episode: The Day They Came to Arrest the Book) (1987)
Joey Zimmerman [10] (TV Episode: Crosstown) (1996)
Jenn Thompson [17] Dawn Fumpmeister (TV Episode: The Alfred G. Graebner Memorial High School of Rules and Regulations) (1984)
Nicole Eggert [12] Heidi (TV Episode: Dead Wrong: The John Evans Story) (1984)
Ebonie Smith [12] Annette (TV Episode: Malcolm Takes a Shot) (1990)
Chance Michael Corbitt [12] Johnny (TV Episode: Home Sweet Homeless) (1988)
Dick Billingsley [9] (TV Episode: Hear Me Cry) (1984)
Christopher Collet [16] Kyle / Neil Oxley (TV Episode: Welcome Home, Jellybean) (1984)
Melissa Francis [13] Tina (TV Episode: The War Between the Classes) (1985)
Jimmy Lee Newman [12] Markel Gibson (TV Episode: Kids Killing Kids) (1995)
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