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The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter (USA: complete title)
The Scarlet Letter (United Kingdom)

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1926 August, 9
115 minutes
Production Company:
$ 430 290

In Puritan Boston, seamstress Hester Prynne is punished for playing on the Sabbath day; but kindly minister Arthur Dimmesdale takes pity on her. The two fall in love, but their relationship cannot be: Hester is already married to Roger Prynne, a physician who has been missing seven years. Dimmesdale has to go away to England; when he returns, he finds Hester pregnant with their child, and the focus of the town's censure. In a humiliating public ceremony, she is forced to don the scarlet letter A - for adultery - and wear it the rest of her life. Dimmesdale is encouraged by the church fathers to demand of Hester the person with whom she sinned. - IMDb

Det flammende Bogstav Denmark
A Letra Escarlate Brazil
La lettera rossa Italy
La lettre écarlate France
La mujer marcada Spain
A Mulher Marcada Portugal
Nathaniel Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter (complete title) USA
Punainen kirjain Finland
Den röda bokstaven Sweden
Der Rote Buchstabe Austria
The Scarlet Letter United Kingdom
The Scarlet Letter USA
The Scarlet Letter Canada
A Skarlát betű Hungary
Szkarłatna litera Poland
To matomeno gramma (transliterated title) Greece
Tulipunainen kirjain Finland
Το άλικο γράμμα (literal title) Greece
Το ματωμένο γράμμα Greece
Алая буква Soviet Union
真紅の文字 Japan

Children's Cast:

Joyce Coad [9] Pearl
Douglas Haig [6] Minor Role
Betsy Ann Hisle [9] Child
Buck Black [11] Child in crowd
Artye Folz [6] Child
Dorothy Gray [3] Child