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The Lost Room (mini)


Also known as: Motel Man (USA: original script title)
Director: Craig R. Baxley, Michael W. Watkins
Release: 11 Dec 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 270 minutes
Genre: Action / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Detective Joe Miller comes into possession of a seemingly innocuous motel room key while working on a murder case. The key can open every door and take him into a motel room that seems to exist outside of normal time and space. However, if he leaves something in the motel room that did not originally come from there, it will be gone as soon as the room "resets"... He discovers that there are special objects hidden in different places. They don't look special, but they have special powers. When his daughter disappears and he is framed for killing his partner, he must find a way to bring her back from the room, while working with different groups and people searching for the objects. But who can he really trust when everyone goes crazy after touching the objects... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Elle Fanning [8] Anna Miller (TV Episode: The Key and the Clock) (2006)
Benjamin Petry [11] Isaac Kreutzfeld (TV Episode: The Key and the Clock) (2006)

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