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1962 March, 22
Soviet Union
86 minutes
Production Company:

Set in 1955 when many migrated from Russia to the Steppes of Kazakhstan, this is the trip back to the Canal from the frontier and farms by a number of people who tell their settler stories. Alenka Muratova (Ovodova) is a winsome 13 year old who talks Dmitry Prokovich, the chief mechanic for the Soviet, into giving up his seat in the truck to a young mother with her infant daughter. Then Alenka and Dmitry share the back of the open truck with a young woman, newly graduated dentist who has not been able to find a position, Stefan, a hitchhiker with a dog who hopes his upper-class wife will return to him and the countryside, and Vasselina Petrovolka, a woman who lost one of her twin daughters in a riding accident by the river shortly after they arrived, and now is returning to tell the other twin of her sister's fate. A warm hearted look at common folks traveling in the frontier. - IMDb

Действие происходит в период освоения целинных земель. Во время уборочной девятилетняя Аленка вынуждена уехать от родителей в город, так как в новом совхозе еще нет школы. Разные попутчики попадаются девочке в долгой дороге. Все они делятся своими судьбами. От имени Аленки ведется рассказ о людях, осваивающих целину, об их радостях и горестях, мечтах и заботах.

Alenka France
Olenka (transliterated title) Soviet Union
Алёнка Soviet Union
Оленка Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Natalya Seleznyova [16] Yelizaveta
Natalya Ovodova Alyonka