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Cavalcade of America (TV series 1952-1957)

Cavalcade of America (USA)
DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (USA)
DuPont Presents the Cavalcade Theatre (USA: fourth season title)
DuPont Theater (USA: fifth season title)

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1952 October, 1
60 minutes

Cavalcade of America documented historical events using stories of individual courage, initiative and achievement, often with feel-good dramatizations of the human spirit's triumph against all odds. - IMDb

Cavalcade of America Spain
Cavalcade of America USA
Cavalcade of America West Germany
DuPont Cavalcade Theatre USA
DuPont Presents the Cavalcade Theatre (fourth season title) USA
DuPont Theater (fifth season title) USA

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [12] Trudy Marshall (TV Episode: Dan Marshall's Brat) (1957)
Christopher Olsen [10] Randy (TV Episode: Once a Hero) (1956)
Johnny Crawford [10] Billy Brandon (TV Episode: The Boy Nobody Wanted) (1956)
Sandy Descher [12] Joanie Slade (TV Episode: The Man Who Asked No Favors) (1957)
Anthony Sydes [13] (TV Episode: G for Goldberger) (1954)
Christian Pasques [15] Jimmy Kohler (TV Episode: The Frightened Witness) (1957)
Cheryl Callaway [10] Margaret Couche (TV Episode: Star and Shield) (1956)
Donna Corcoran [15] (TV Episode: Leap to Heaven) (1957)
Sherry Jackson [13] (TV Episode: Petticoat Doctor) (1955)
Michael Winkelman [10] Mike / Tommy Reynolds (TV Episode: The Boy Nobody Wanted) (1956)
Teddy Infuhr [17] - John Yankee (TV Episode: John Yankee) (1953)
Gordon Gebert [14] (TV Episode: How to Raise a Boy) (1955)
Richard Eyer [9] Brian Beck / Timmy Kendall / Tony Lucas (TV Episode: Spindletop: Texas' First Oil Gushers) (1954)
Orley Lindgren [15] Robert Jackson (TV Episode: Young Andy Jackson) (1954)
Tiger Fafara [9] (TV Episode: Man of Glass: The Story of a Glassmaker) (1954)
Billy Gray [16] Andy Jackson (TV Episode: Young Andy Jackson) (1954)
Stephen Wootton [9] Thaddeus Foley (TV Episode: The American Thanksgiving: Its History and Meaning) (1954)
Rickey Murray [12] Timmy (TV Episode: The Jackie Jensen Story) (1956)
Brad Morrow [13] Jerry (TV Episode: How to Raise a Boy) (1955)
Bobby Diamond [12] Denzil Barker as a child (TV Episode: Stay On, Stranger) (1955)
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