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Cavalcade of America (TV series 1952-1957)

DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (USA: alternative title)
DuPont Presents the Cavalcade Theatre (USA: fourth season title)
DuPont Theater (USA: fifth season title)

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1952 October, 1
60 minutes

Cavalcade of America documented historical events using stories of individual courage, initiative and achievement, often with feel-good dramatizations of the human spirit's triumph against all odds. - IMDb

DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (alternative title) USA
DuPont Presents the Cavalcade Theatre (fourth season title) USA
DuPont Theater (fifth season title) USA

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [12] Trudy Marshall (TV Episode: Dan Marshall's Brat) (1957)
Christopher Olsen [10] Randy (TV Episode: Once a Hero) (1956)
Johnny Crawford [10] Billy Brandon (TV Episode: The Boy Nobody Wanted) (1956)
Sandy Descher [12] Joanie Slade (TV Episode: The Man Who Asked No Favors) (1957)
Anthony Sydes [13] (TV Episode: G for Goldberger) (1954)
Christian Pasques [15] Jimmy Kohler (TV Episode: The Frightened Witness) (1957)
Cheryl Callaway [10] Margaret Couche (TV Episode: Star and Shield) (1956)
Donna Corcoran [15] (TV Episode: Leap to Heaven) (1957)
Sherry Jackson [13] (TV Episode: Petticoat Doctor) (1955)
Michael Winkelman [10] Mike / Tommy Reynolds (TV Episode: The Boy Nobody Wanted) (1956)
Teddy Infuhr [17] - John Yankee (TV Episode: John Yankee) (1953)
Gordon Gebert [14] (TV Episode: How to Raise a Boy) (1955)
Richard Eyer [9] Brian Beck / Timmy Kendall / Tony Lucas (TV Episode: Spindletop: Texas' First Oil Gushers) (1954)
Orley Lindgren [15] Robert Jackson (TV Episode: Young Andy Jackson) (1954)
Tiger Fafara [9] (TV Episode: Man of Glass: The Story of a Glassmaker) (1954)
Billy Gray [16] Andy Jackson (TV Episode: Young Andy Jackson) (1954)
Stephen Wootton [9] Thaddeus Foley (TV Episode: The American Thanksgiving: Its History and Meaning) (1954)
Rickey Murray [12] Timmy (TV Episode: The Jackie Jensen Story) (1956)
Brad Morrow [13] Jerry (TV Episode: How to Raise a Boy) (1955)
Bobby Diamond [12] Denzil Barker as a child (TV Episode: Stay On, Stranger) (1955)
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