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Richard Diamond, Private Detective (TV series 1957-1960)


Aka: Call Mr. 'D' (USA: syndication title)
Richard Diamond, Private Eye (Australia)
Director: Thomas Carr, Don McDougall, Mark Sandrich Jr. ... more
Year: 1957
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama

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Richard Diamond is a suave private eye who, at first, walks the mean streets of New York, then later packs up and moves to Los Angeles, where he tools around in a convertible with a car phone. His sexy receptionist Sam, whose face we never see, minds the office, while Diamond solves his cases. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Patty Ann Gerrity [12] (TV Episode: The Lovely Fraud) (1960)
Cheryl Callaway [11] Marjorie Bullock (TV Episode: Custody) (1957)
Barry Gordon [11] Tommy (TV Episode: Hideout) (1959)

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