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Deception: A Mother's Secret (TV)

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1991 November, 24
100 minutes
Production Company:

Terry is dating a single mother, Amanda. Not only does he want to marry her but he also wants to adopt her son, Jay. Now while she likes the former, she is doesn't exactly like the latter. When she dies in an accident, Terry begins working on trying to adopt Jay so that he won't be sent to a foster home. And he discovers that not only is Amanda's ex-husband not Jay's father but that she was infertile. So where did Jay come from? Terry is not sure if he wants to find out, because it means that he might lose Jay. - IMDb

Älä luota valheisiin Finland
Belüge mich nicht Germany
L'enfant du mensonge France
Livslögnen (video title) Sweden
Nessuna innocenza (video title) Italy
No me mientas Spain
Non dirmi bugie Italy
Tell Me No Lies  
Un mensonge de trop (French title) Canada

Children's Cast:

Robert Hy Gorman [11] Jay
Anna Faris [14] Liz
Joey Simmrin [10] Pitcher