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12:01 (TV)

My Rating: /10
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1993 July, 5
92 minutes
Comedy / Sci-Fi / Thriller


Barry Thomas is the average office worker. He becomes attracted to Lisa Fredericks who works in the same company. After work, Barry witnesses the murder of Lisa and goes to a bar to get drunk. Later that night, there is a storm and Barry gets a shock from a lamp's faulty power wire at exactly 12:01 am. The next morning, he realizes that everything is happening exactly as it did the previous day. The next morning the day is repeated again. It is now Barry's job--being the only person alive who is aware of this time loop--to stop the murder of Lisa, and stop the time loop or be caught in time forever. - IMDb

12:01 - A kizökkent idő Hungary
12:01 - Un minuto dopo mezzanotte Italy
12:01 Uhr Germany
12:01, testigo del tiempo Spain
12h01 - prisonnier du temps (video title) France
Meia-Noite e Um Brazil
Tid att dö... Sweden
Двенадцать ноль одна пополуночи Russia

Children's Cast:

Giuseppe Andrews [14] Kyle

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