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Pride of the Marines

Forever in Love (UK: new title)

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1945 August, 7
120 minutes
Biography / Drama / Romance / War
Production Company:

Married couple Jim & Ella Merchant set up their single friend Al Schmid on a blind date with Ruth Hartley. The two hit it off and begin dating. A welder, one day at the workplace, Al learns of a friend's enlistment in the Marine Corps and decides to join himself. Al and Ruth have a last date, with Al insisting that she forget about him as he is about to go into combat. However, when Ruth goes to meet his departure train, he is overjoyed and gives her an engagement ring. Assigned to Guadalcanal, Al and his squad are tasked with preventing the Japanese from breaching their line. During a night attack, many of his fellow Marines are slain, but Al ends up single-handedly saving the day, killing scores of Japanese. However, he is wounded by a suicide bomber near the end of the the battle. At the hospital, Al learns that he is blind, a condition that persists even after surgery. Feeling sorry for himself, he dictates a letter to a nurse, informing Ruth that he is relieving her of any obligation to marry him. Neither his friend Lee, the nurse, or the doctors can persuade Al to try rehabilitation in order to attempt a return to a "normal" life. Finally, he has to be kicked out of the hospital. He returns home, but does not want to see Ruth. She sees him and pledges her love, but he is still discouraged, as he does not feel that he is a real man anymore and his pride will not allow her to take care of him. For his bravery, Lee is awarded the Navy Cross. Will he overcome his pride and give the audience a happy ending? - IMDb

C'è sempre un domani Italy
Duma marynarki Poland
Forever in Love (new title) UK
Laivaston sankari Finland
L'orgueil des marines France
El Orgullo de los marines Argentina
El Orgullo de los marines Spain
La route des ténèbres France
Tyflos erastis (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Uma Luz nas Trevas Portugal
Uma Luz nas Trevas Brazil
Útban van a baj Hungary
Vägen mot ljuset Sweden

Children's Cast:

Ann E. Todd [14] Loretta Merchant

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