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Three Daring Daughters

The Birds and the Bees (UK)

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1948 February, 12
115 minutes
Musical / Romance
Production Company:


It's Tess' graduation day from "Miss Drakes School for Girls". During the choir's performance at the ceremony, Tess notices that her beautiful, divorcee mother, Louise Rayton Morgan isn't there. Louise, an editor for Modern Design Publication, is lying in Dr. Cannon's office from fainting due to being over-worked and stressed-out. At home after the graduation ceremony, Dr. Cannon has a talk with Louise's three daughters, Tess, Ilka and Alix. He tells them that their mother needs a vacation badly, but, the only way she can relax is if she goes without the girls. The girls agree, but, Louise is reluctant, but goes. The girls see their mother off on her one month Cuban cruise. When the girls get home they discuss their mother, and believe if they bring their father back home it will make their mom happy and healthy again. In reality, Louise has kept the truth about their father from them. Their father was actually a very uncaring man, who left them and left Louise to raise the girls on her own. The girls go to see their father's boss, Robert Nelson to locate their father and bring him home. Meanwhile on Louise's Cuban cruise, she meets famed pianist and conductor, Jose Iturbi. Jose is immediately taken by Louise, but she plays hard to get, but has the time of her life. When Louise finally returns home, she has a secret to tell the girls, but, the girls have a secret too.. - IMDb

Äiti rakastuu Finland
The Birds and the Bees UK
Cupido leidt de dans (Flemish title) Belgium
Cupidon mène la danse (French title) Belgium
Det hände i Havanna Sweden
Drei kleine Biester Germany
Három merész lány Hungary
Mamma non ti sposare Italy
Mors ferieflirt Denmark
To spiti ton 3 koritsion (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Três Filhas Levadas Brazil
Trinados de Amor Portugal

Children's Cast:

Ann E. Todd [16] Ilka Morgan

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