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The Man on the Rock

An Historical Mystery #9: The Man on the Rock (USA: series title)
The Man on the Rock (USA)

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1938 September, 3
11 minutes
Short / History / Mystery
Production Company:

This MGM short film questions whether Napoleon Bonaparte died on the island of St. Helena in 1821 as recorded in history. It is noted that for many years Napoleon employed a look-a-like by the name of Francois Eugene Robeaud. This allowed the Emperor to work on matters of State while Robeaud attended public functions. There are several other anomalies including Robeaud's sudden disappearance and his family's acquisition of wealth; the fact that Robeaud is also recorded as having died on St. Helena; and lastly the presence in Italy of an optician who bore an uncanny resemblance to Napoleon. - IMDb

An Historical Mystery #9: The Man on the Rock (series title) USA
The Man on the Rock USA

Children's Cast:

Johnny Sheffield [7] Young Eaglet - Napoleon's Son
Casey Johnson [3]
Rex Downing [13]
Barry Downing [7]