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Roughly Speaking

Roughly Speaking (United Kingdom)

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1945 January, 31
117 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

In the 1920s, enterprising Louise Randall is determined to succeed in a man's world. She enrolls at business college but her plans for a career change when she falls in love with handsome Rodney Crane. Although the two have little in common and Rodney disagrees with Louise's views on the woman's role in society, they marry and have four children. Their personality differences eventually lead to a divorce. Louise eventually finds happiness with her second husband, eccentric Harold Pierson. - IMDb

Corazón de mujer Mexico
Eine Frau mit Unternehmungsgeist West Germany
O Preço da Felicidade Brazil
O Preço da Felicidade Portugal
Roughly Speaking Canada
Roughly Speaking Canada
Roughly Speaking United Kingdom
Roughly Speaking USA
Suurinta elämässä Finland
Грубо говоря Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Johnny Sheffield [13] Frankie - Age 9
Ann E. Todd [13] Louise Randall as a child
Johnny Calkins [10] Rodney - Ages 6-9
Arlene Gray [6]
Payne B. Johnson [14] Newsboy
Harry Harvey Jr. [15] Billy Winters
Robert Hyatt [5] Baby on Pony
John Treul [16] John - Ages 14-19
Mickey Kuhn [12] John - Ages 7-10
Gregory Marshall [5] Frankie - Ages 3-4
Patsy Parsons [13] Louise Jr. - Ages 12-17