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The Beloved Brat

The Beloved Brat (USA)
A Dangerous Age (United Kingdom)
Girls on Probation (USA: pre-release title)
Too Much of Everything (USA)

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1938 April, 30
62 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

Roberta Morgan is being raised in a wealthy-home where her mother is occupied with her society-club activities and her father is immersed in his business activities. She also feels that the hired help and her governess are against her, and, in her mind, only her father's confidential secretary-assistant seems to understand her needs and problems. Her incorrigibility leads to her being placed in a boarding school for problem girls. There, the secretary and the head of the school work a plan to win her over by giving her responsibilities for helping the younger girls in the school. - IMDb

The Beloved Brat USA
A Dangerous Age United Kingdom
Despoinis dynamitis (transliterated title) Greece
Det kære barn Denmark
Dinheiro Demais Brazil
L'enfant rebelle (dubbed version) France
Girls on Probation (pre-release title) USA
Pokažite im put (literal title) Yugoslavia
Too Much of Everything USA
Tyttö karkuteillä Finland

Children's Cast:

Matthew 'Stymie' Beard [13] Pinkie White
Priscilla Lyon [10] Sylvia
Sheila Brown [8] Girl
Bonita Granville [15] Roberta Morgan
Meredith White Arabella White
Carmencita Johnson [15] Estelle
Patsy Mitchell [14] Betty Mae
Ann Bupp [16] Minor Role