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When a Fellow Needs a Friend

When a Feller Needs a Friend (USA)
When a Fellow Needs a Friend (United Kingdom: alternative spelling)

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1932 April, 30
74 minutes

Eddie wears a leg brace and his mother will not let him play like the other boys. His hope is that a German doctor will be able to operate and fix his leg. When his cousin Froggie comes to live with his family, he is nice to Mr. and Mrs. Randall, but mean to Eddie. Uncle Jonas sees what is happening, but Eddie's parents do not believe him as Froggie seems so nice. Uncle Jonas tries to make Eddie tougher by teaching him boxing and baseball, but all it does is get Jonas thrown out of the house. - IMDb

Amitié Belgium
Amitié France
De Kleine kreupele Belgium
Quando Faz Falta um Amigo Brazil
Vriendschap Belgium
When a Feller Needs a Friend USA
When a Fellow Needs a Friend (alternative spelling) United Kingdom
僕の武勇伝 Japan

Children's Cast:

Jackie Cooper [9] Edward Haverford 'Eddie' Randall
Andy Shuford [14] Frederick 'Froggie'
Donald Haines [12] Fatty Bullen
Douglas Greer [10] Boy with Glasses
Helen Parrish [9] Diana Manning