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Doctor's Orders

The Boy Friends: Doctor's Orders (USA: series title)
Doctor's Orders (USA)

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1930 September, 13
21 minutes
Comedy / Short
Production Company:

Alabam is lovesick. He tells Mickey how he can't get close to the girl of his dreams; he's overheard by Dave, a smooth operator, who insists that Alabam leave everything to him. He contrives to have Alabam and Mickey wreck Alabam's car in the girl's front yard, then he arrives, posing as a doctor, asking the residents of the house if they'll let the injured boy come inside while the doctor examines him. Meanwhile, Mickey gets a look at the girl's cousin and feigns injury so that now both lads are in beds upstairs while Dave, the doctor, conjures foul-tasting treatments. The fly in the ointment is the girl's crusty uncle, who may stand between the lads and their true loves. - IMDb

The Boy Friends: Doctor's Orders (series title) USA
Doctor's Orders USA
Doctor's Orders West Germany

Children's Cast:

Mickey Daniels [15] Mickey
Mary Kornman [14] Mary
Betty Mae Crane [13] Introductory Titles Speaker
Beverly Crane [13] Introductory Titles Speaker