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Boxing Gloves

My Rating: /10
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1929 September, 9
17 minutes
Comedy / Family / Short
Production Company:

The Rascals have a boxing arena that could pack them in if they could find fighters who would actually mix it up. Harry and Farina notice a rivalry between two very large young kids, Joe and Chubby, that would fill the bill if only the two heavyweights would put aside their gentle natures. Farina gets an idea: tell each of the lads that the other will take a dive in the second round. So the fight begins and the stands are filled; but will the combatants actually throw a punch? Ernie has one more trick up his sleeve to get the fists flying and the crowd on its feet. Sweet science indeed. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Joe Cobb [12] Joe Cobb
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins [9] Farina
Jackie Cooper [7] Jackie
Norman 'Chubby' Chaney [14] Chubby Chaney
Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins [4] Wheezer
Mary Ann Jackson [6] Mary Ann
Andy Shuford [11] Chubby's trainer
Bobby Mallon [10] Announcer Graham McCracker
Jean Darling [7] Jean
Johnny Aber [13] Boxing Spectator
Harry Spear [7] Harry
Godfrey Craig [14] Child
Donnie 'Beezer' Smith [5] Donnie
Billy Schuler
Dannie Mac Grant [10]

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