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Jubilo, Jr.

Jubilo, Jr. (USA)

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1924 June, 29
20 minutes
Family / Comedy / Short
Production Company:

Jubilo comes across a group of fellow tramps singing "That Old Gang of Mine." He sits down with them and tells a story about his old gang. Jubilo is again a freckle-face boy with a mother he loves and a cruel father he hates. His mother's birthday comes around; and as usual, his father refuses to buy her a birthday present. Jubilo watches as his father's cruelty brings his mother to tears yet again. The boy decides to buy his mother a present himself. He settles on a beautiful (to him) lady's hat. He digs a hole for the promise of a dollar. He carries wet cement in a wheelbarrow. He delivers groceries. But something always goes wrong with the odd jobs. Finally, inspired by Barnum, he starts up a makeshift circus, starring all the neighbor kids. - IMDb

Jubilo, Jr. USA
Джубило-младший Soviet Union
Джубило-младший Russia

Children's Cast:

Jackie Condon [6] Jackie
Mickey Daniels [9] Young Jubilo
Joe Cobb [7] Joe
Mary Kornman [8] Mary
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins [3] Farina
Kenneth Johnson [11] Spectator
Andy Samuel [15] Andy
Ivadell Carter [10] Girl with Flour in the Face
Lassie Lou Ahern [4] Tiny Man Circus Performer
Dick Henchen Dick
Helen McGowan [8] Young Girl
Roberta McGowan [10] Young Girl
Monty O'Grady [8] Spectator
Jean Johnston [8] Whiskers Lady