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Good Cheer

Happy Holiday (USA: TV title)

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1926 January, 10
20 minutes
Family / Comedy / Short
Production Company:

On Christmas Eve, it's bitter cold. Poverty and misery are shaking hands. The gang enjoys what they can: watching a Santa in a toy-shop window and smelling bread baking. But hope is in short supply when Joe says that all Santas are fake. The kids ask the shoemaker who tells them Santa is real, you just have to wish hard enough. Two older boys want to make the younger kids' Christmas happy; the Spirit of Santa helps them out, giving them an idea to sell hot bricks to peddlers, beat cops, and others stuck outside. With the money, they buy presents to distribute that night. Meanwhile, the Mob is using fake Santas to deliver moonshine. Can the kids turn this to their advantage? - IMDb

Happy Holiday (TV title) USA

Children's Cast:

Jackie Condon [7] Jackie
Mickey Daniels [11] Mickey
Joe Cobb [9] Joe
Mary Kornman [10] Mary
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins [5] Farina
David Durand [5] Mary's brother
Jannie Hoskins [2] Arnica
Johnny Downs [12] Johnny
Jay R. Smith [10] J.R.

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