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1967 March, 14
78 minutes
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Perhaps the most accessible of Robert Bresson's films, this story of a 14-year-old schoolgirl at the mercy of the world around her is like a melodrama stripped of flourish. Mouchette is an angry adolescent in the French provinces, the daughter of a drunken bootlegger and a dying, bedridden mother, a pariah in school and a figure of village gossip. She rebels in typically adolescent ways, lobbing mud at teasing classmates and defying wagging tongues with a wilful stare, but her deep pain and loneliness pour from her hollow, sad eyes. There's no sentimentality in Bresson's portrait of village life but for a few brief moments the film explodes with energy and emotion. Mouchette rides the bumper cars at a local fair, flirting with a young boy in loving bumps and deliberate rams, and her dour expression flowers in a smile as the fairground speakers blare a rock & roll tune... until her father's heavy hand slaps her back to reality. It's a moment unlike any other in a Bresson film, a joyous reprieve from the monotony of her life, but if the rest of her existence is glum and hopeless, the film is unexpectedly beautiful. The style is often fragmented--the film opens on a stunning play of hands, feet and spying eyes as poacher and police both wait for their prey--but the beauty of the forests and meadows creates an idyllic naturalism that leavens Bresson's harsh portrait of the human condition. - Sean Axmaker

Мушетт - девочка-подросток из бедного квартала, или какого-то предместья, живет вместе с пьющими отцом и братом, умирающей матерью и десятимесячным младенцем в покосившейся лачуге, ходит в обносках, неохотно посещает школу, выполняет тяжелую домашнюю работу и ненавидит весь Божий мир. Единственный человек, которого она выделяет из всех окружающих, - сосед-охотник, немытый, заросший щетиной эпилептик, конфронтирующий с другим соседом-охотником, особенно неприятным Мушетт. С ним-то, эпилептиком, проводит девочка единственную в своей короткой жизни ночь любви.

Amor e Morte Portugal
Mouchette - den voldtagne Denmark
Mouchette - den våldtagna (alternative title) Sweden
Mouchette - raiskattu Finland
Mouchette, a Virgem Possuída Brazil
Muset (Serbian title) Yugoslavia
Мушет (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Мушетт Russia

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Children's Cast:

Nadine Nortier [19] Mouchette

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