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Morningstar/Eveningstar (TV series)

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1986 March, 25
Drama / Family
Production Company:

The Morningstar orphanage is destroyed in a blaze and Bob Lane needs emergency shelter for his children. His friend Debbie Flynn has room in Eveningstar, a retirement facility she manages, so the generations are combined. Sone adjustment is required but everyone starts learning important life lessons from each other. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Fred Savage [10] Alan Bishop (TV Episode: Taking a Chance on Love) (1986)
Ebonie Smith [8] Eugenie Waters (TV Episode: Taking a Chance on Love) (1986)
Joaquin Phoenix [12] Doug Roberts (TV Episode: Taking a Chance on Love) (1986)
Melissa Francis [14] Sarah Bishop (TV Episode: 1.3) (1986)

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