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Just the Ten of Us (TV series 1988-1990)

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1988 April, 26
30 minutes
Comedy / Family

Coach Lubbock, his wife, and their 8 kids move to Eureka, CA for a job as a coach. Little did coach know when he got there, that his 4 highly attractive teenage daughters would have to attend an all boys school! Zany plots range from a job at a slaughterhouse, to raffling off a date. - IMDb

Chaos hoch zehn Germany
Somos diez Spain
Un toit pour dix France

Children's Cast:

David Tom [11] Kid (TV Episode: A Couple of Swells) (1989)
Gabriel Damon [13] Alex Cutler (TV Episode: Radio Days) (1989)
Heidi Zeigler [9] Sherry Lubbock (TV Episode: Slaughter House Ten) (1988)
Taylor Fry [8] Little Marie (TV Episode: Highway to Heaven) (1989)
Marlon Taylor Todd (TV Episode: Skateboard) (1989)
Jenny Lewis [13] Pamela (TV Episode: Puberty Blues) (1989)
David Wagner Steve (TV Episode: First Day at School) (1988)
Michael Kenworthy [13] Scott (TV Episode: First Day at School) (1988)
Omar Gooding [14] Scout (TV Episode: Perfect Date) (1990)
Kirk Cameron [17] Mike Seaver (TV Episode: Yo Coach (The Screen Test)) (1987)
Matt Shakman [13] Graham 'J.R.' Lubbock Jr. (TV Episode: Slaughter House Ten) (1988)
Jason Horst Larry (TV Episode: Skateboard) (1988)
Randy Josselyn [15] Peter (TV Episode: Skateboard) (1989)

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