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The Jersey (TV series 1999-2004)

The Jersey (USA)

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1999 January, 30
Family / Sport
Production Company:

A group of friends find an old jersey that, when worn during a sporting event on TV would magically transport the wearer (and sometimes those in contact with the wearer) into a key player(s) in that game. They learn self confidence and team work with the real pros not suspecting a thing. As soon as they score, win the game or take the jersey off are they transferred back home. - IMDb

The Jersey USA
The Jersey India
Trikot der Champions West Germany

Children's Cast:

Hayden McFarland [10] Clayton (TV Episode: Out on a Limb) (2002)
Michael Galeota [15] Nick Lighter (TV Episode: Skills) (1999)
Naya Rivera [12] Girl #2 (TV Episode: Be True to You) (1999)
Courtnee Draper [14] Morgan Hudson (TV Episode: Skills) (1999)
Miles Marsico [15] Silas (TV Episode: Out on a Limb) (2002)
Erica Luttrell [17] Taylor (TV Episode: Ouch) (1999)
Christian Copelin [11] Todd (TV Episode: Three Boys and a Nephew) (2001)