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The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

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1979 November, 3
48 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Romance
Production Company:

Poor James Harrison! Everyone is upset with him - his parents, the next-door neighbor, even the town sheriff - but he didn't do anything wrong! The real culprit is Thomas Kempe, a sorcerer from a prior century who's been unwittingly released from an antique bottle. Young James, after moving into a charming Victorian home with his family, finds that he has an invisible roommate - the ghost of Thomas Kempe. The ghost needs an apprentice, but when James refuses to cooperate, accidents and mysterious events plague the neighborhood. Coincidentally, all the clues point to James as the guilty party! Fortunately, a friend volunteers to help the boy lure the mischief-loving spirit back to his resting place. But even if the two succeed, will anyone believe the explanation? - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Shane Sinutko [14] James Marshall

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