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Lassie: A New Beginning (TV)

Lassie: The New Beginning (USA: alternative title)

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1978 September, 1
100 minutes
Family / Drama
Production Company:

The Stratton kids, Samantha and Chip, and their grandmother Ada. drive to "visit" their uncle Stuart. Grandma collapses and dies in a strange town, leaving the kids and Lassie on their own. - IMDb

Lassie - Ein neuer Anfang West Germany
Lassie - Mia nea arhi (transliterated title) Greece
Lassie - O Recomeço Portugal
Lassie ja uusi alku Finland
Lassie: The New Beginning (alternative title) USA
Una nuova casa per Lassie Italy
El Retorno de Lassie (DVD title) Spain
El Retorno de Lassie Spain

Children's Cast:

Shane Sinutko [13] Chip
Sally Boyden [13] Sam

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