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Project U.F.O. (TV series 1978-1979)

Project Blue Book (USA)
Project U.F.O. (Australia)
Project UFO (USA: alternative spelling)

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1978 February, 19
60 minutes
Production Company:

In the style of Jack Webb (Executive Producer), stories were taken from the USAF's "Project Bluebook" files and dramatized. The producer of the program, Col. William T. Coleman, USAF (Ret.) was the former head of "Project Bluebook". - IMDb

Project Blue Book USA
Project Blue Book Canada
Project U.F.O. Australia
Project U.F.O. Canada
Project U.F.O. West Germany
Project U.F.O. Ecuador
Project U.F.O. India
Project U.F.O. Italy
Project U.F.O. USA
Project UFO (alternative spelling) USA
Proyecto UFO: Investigación ovni Spain
プロジェクトUFO Japan

Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [14] Amy Forman (TV Episode: Sighting 4018: The Incident on the Cliffs) (1978)
Shane Sinutko [13] Timmy Delaney (TV Episode: Sighting 4010: The Waterford Incident) (1978)