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Samurai (TV)

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1979 April, 30
70 minutes
Action / Fantasy

Lee Toshido Cantrell's mother and father were Japanese and American respectively. He was born in Japan and lived there till he was ten. Then they moved to San Francisco. Accompanying him is his martial arts teacher, Takeo, he would train him to atain the level of a Samurai. Lee would become a lawyer and works as a prosecutor. At night he uses his Samurai skills to apprehend criminals. Currently, he is looking into why some men broke into a warehouse, the owner said that they were there to blow it up. It seems that someone wants to buy his property and he refused. Lee investigates and discovers that a wealthy and powerful businessman wants to develop that area. Lee tells his boss of his suspicions but tells Lee that this man is too powerful for them, unless they have rock solid evidence, the man will lash back at them. - IMDb

Lee Tashido - Der Samurai West Germany
Samurai - koston jumala Finland
Samurai: El guerrero de la ley Spain

Children's Cast:

Shane Sinutko [14] Tommy

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