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Percy, Buffalo Bill och jag

Aka: Percy, Buffalo Bill and I (World-wide)
Director: Anders Gustafsson
Year: 2005
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 83 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Family / Romance

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Ulf think this is going to be an ordinary summer. Going to his grand parents and swim in the lake and tease his brother. But that's not the case, because this summer he will fall in love with Pia. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Anders Österholm [17] Jan
Daniel Bragderyd [14] Percy
Emilia Widstrand [13] Marianne
Joakim Blecher Klasse
Felice Jankell Pia
Wilma Karlsson Leffes lillasyster
Hampus Nyström Ulf
Nicklas Winter Leffe

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