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Witman fiúk

Aka: Ta adelfia Witman (Greece: festival title)
Director: János Szász
Year: 1997
Country: Poland
Runtime: 93 minutes
Genre: Drama / Thriller

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1914. A small town in Hungary. With their father dead, the Witman brothers, Janos 14 and Erno 12 years old, are being raised by a young maid and their mother. But the charming Mrs. Witman is completely devoted to her lover, and is cold and uncaring towards her children. The two boys choose to live in their own weird and violent world. Janos meets a prostitute who gives him all the tenderness, love and attention he desperately needs. Erno will also meet the girl, upon which the boys will decide to offer her the only appropriate gift: the beautiful pendant that their mother usually wears. Just as they sacrificed animals in the past, to exorcise their father's death, so now will they sacrifice their mother. Sz'asz paints a fascinating portrait of two young boys who are gradually turning into psychotic killers. -

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Children's Cast:

Alpár Fogarasi [16] János Witman
Szabolcs Gergely Ernö Witman

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