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2006 February, 6
18 minutes
Short / Drama / Family
$ 40 000

Janie, a 9-year-old girl, has a perfect life. Her parents are happily married, and she gets all of their love and attention as their only daughter. One day, her perfect life gets shattered when she discovers her family's dark secret. Her father had a brief affair years ago and had a little boy outside of the family. Her mother, who has known this all along, has kept the family together for Janie with the arrangement that the boy is raised by his own mother. Because the boy, abandoned by his mother, unexpectedly shows up to live with Janie's family, Janie is now forced to learn how to live and share her life with the little brother she never knew existed. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Blaine Saunders [12] Janie
Tanner Maguire [7] Ben
Sarah Nanko [8] Child at Playground
Anthony Brooks Child at Playground
Dakota Carter Child at Playground
Aubrey Imbriani Child at Playground
Lindsey Leino [8] Child at Birthday Party
R.J. Schines Child at Birthday Party

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