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The Storyteller (TV series)

The Storyteller (USA)

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1987 January, 31
United Kingdom
225 minutes
Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Horror
Production Company:


A variety of European folk tales are retold in nine new stories. A soldier captures Death in a magic sack. A fearless young man sets out to learn to shudder. A boy with a destiny that frightens a tyrant is sent on an impossible task that will see him wed the princess, or dead. A storyteller must spin tales to stay alive. A woman bears a hedgehog-child who grows up to live alone in a castle until he does a king a favor and gets the princess's hand in return. A princess must keep silent while she works to free her brothers from an evil spell. A princess runs away from wedding her father and disguises herself as an ugly forest creature. A young boy must overcome a heartless giant. A princess searches the earth for her stolen bridegroom. - IMDb

Старый сказочник и его саркастичная собака рассказывают загадочные небылицы.

Bajarz Poland
Beste Geschichten West Germany
Beste Geschichten West Germany
El Cuentacuentos Spain
Jim Hensons Geschichten West Germany
Mesemondó Hungary
Monstres et merveilles France
Pripovjedač Croatia
Sagor för stora barn Sweden
Sprookjesverteller Netherlands
The Storyteller Israel
The Storyteller Philippines
The Storyteller Singapore
The Storyteller USA
The Storyteller South Africa
The Storyteller Australia
The Storyteller Brazil
The Storyteller Canada
The Storyteller Canada
The Storyteller Ecuador
The Storyteller United Kingdom
The Storyteller Indonesia
The Storyteller Ireland
The StoryTeller: Hans min igelkott, Orädd & Lyckobarn (video box title) Sweden
Ο παραμυθάς Greece
Приповедач Serbia
Сказочник Soviet Union
ストーリーテラー Japan

Children's Cast:

Elliott Spiers [15] Leo (TV Episode: The Heartless Giant) (1988)