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Sliders (TV series 1995-2000)

Sliders (United Kingdom)

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1995 March, 22
60 minutes
Sci-Fi / Adventure / Fantasy


Quinn Mallory, while working on an anti-gravity machine, accidentally creates a portal to a parallel universe. Eventually, his friends and an unwilling participant accidentally get stuck traveling among parallel worlds, trying to survive, and learning that sliding can lead to fatal results. Meanwhile, among many changes in their group, they try to rescue the multiverse from the Kromagg Dynasty. - IMDb

Avaruusluikkarit Finland
Calatorii în lumi paralele Romania
Cesta do neznáma Czechoslovakia
Cesta do neznáma Slovakia
Deslizadores Venezuela
Dimensões Paralelas Brazil
Heróis por Acaso Portugal
I viaggiatori Italy
Salto al infinito Spain
Sliders Canada
Sliders Canada
Sliders Ecuador
Sliders United Kingdom
Sliders Hungary
Sliders Israel
Sliders India
Sliders South Korea
Sliders Mexico
Sliders Netherlands
Sliders Philippines
Sliders Sweden
Sliders Singapore
Sliders Turkey
Sliders USA
Sliders South Africa
Sliders Australia
Sliders - Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension West Germany
Sliders - Piąty wymiar Poland
Sliders, les mondes parallèles France
Sliders: Aihmalotoi se alli diastasi Greece
Sliders: Dimensões Paralelas Brazil
Sliders: Αιχμάλωτοι σε άλλη διάσταση Greece
Slīdošie: Paralēlās Pasaules Latvia
Паралельні світи Ukraine
Параллельные миры Russia
Скользящие Russia
スライダーズ Japan

Children's Cast:

Jordan Warkol [10] Caleb (TV Episode: Electric Twister Acid Test) (1996)
Phillip Van Dyke [12] Young Quinn Mallory (TV Episode: The Guardian) (1996)
Keegan MacIntosh [12] Jamie Hardaway (TV Episode: The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy) (1996)
Sean Flynn [7] Jason (TV Episode: Season's Greedings) (1996)
Adam Wylie [13] Trevor (TV Episode: Murder Most Foul) (1997)
Colton James [10] Matthew (TV Episode: The Alternateville Horror) (1998)
Arthur Reggie III [12] Rembrandt Brown Jr. (TV Episode: Summer of Love) (1995)
Marty York [16] Brady Oak (TV Episode: The Guardian) (1996)
Sam Gifaldi [13] Michael (TV Episode: This Slide of Paradise) (1997)
Tyler Van Blankenstein First Kid (TV Episode: The King Is Back) (1995)