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VR.5 (TV series)

Avenging Angel (USA: working title)
Virtual Reality (USA: working title)
VR (Australia)
VR5 (UK: alternative spelling)

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1995 March, 10
60 minutes
Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Production Company:


Young woman Sidney works in a telephone company and she is sure that her father, doctor Bloom, and sister died after an accident. Sidney's hobby is to play with virtual reality. She has found an ability in herself to enter into the human mind by using VR - Virtual Reality 5. Sidney is no ordinary person and an influential mysterious organization tries to use her. - IMDb

Avenging Angel (working title) USA
Komputerowy świat Poland
Virtual Reality (working title) USA
Virtualna stvarnost Croatia
VR Australia
VR.5: realidad virtual Peru
VR5 (alternative spelling) UK
Виртуальная реальность Russia
Виртуелна стварност Serbia

Children's Cast:

Matt Koruba [11] Young Duncan (TV Episode: 5D) (1995)
Jamie Renée Smith [10] Rebecca (TV Episode: Send Me an Angel) (1997)
Chris Owen [15] Harrassing Boy (TV Episode: Pilot) (1995)
Noah Verduzco [17] (TV Episode: Pilot) (1995)
Aaron Michael Metchik [15] Stuart Fischer (TV Episode: Dr. Strangechild) (1995)
London Vale [8] Bubblegum Girl (TV Episode: Pilot) (1995)
Richie Fenner Young Lance / Young Duncan (TV Episode: 5D) (1995)

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