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Dark Skies (TV series 1996-1997)

Dark Skies (USA)

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1996 September, 21
60 minutes
Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi


20th century history as we know it is a lie. Aliens have been among us since the 1940's, but a government cover-up has prevented the public from knowing this. As the series progresses, we follow John Loengard and Kim Sayers as they attempt to thwart numerous plans of the alien Hive, most of which are tied to historical events and figures. In addition, the pair must stay one step ahead of a covert government agency, Majestic-12, tasked with fighting the aliens while maintaining the conspiracy of silence. - IMDb

Cielo negro (cable TV title) Spain
Cielo negro Mexico
Dark Skies USA
Dark Skies South Africa
Dark Skies Australia
Dark Skies Canada
Dark Skies Ecuador
Dark Skies United Kingdom
Dark Skies Netherlands
Dark Skies Philippines
Dark Skies (video box title) Sweden
Dark Skies Singapore
Dark Skies - l'impossible vérité France
Dark Skies - Oscure presenze Italy
Dark Skies - Tödliche Bedrohung West Germany
Dark Skies: L'Impossible Vérité Canada
Mračna Nebesa Bosnia
Mračna Nebesa Croatia
Mračna nebesa Serbia
Mroczne niebo Poland
Temné nebe Czechoslovakia
Temné nebo Slovakia
Тёмные небеса Russia
ダークスカイ Japan

Children's Cast:

Seth Mumy [7] Youngest Boehm Son (TV Episode: Inhuman Nature) (1996)
Jamie Renée Smith [10] Monica Gresham (TV Episode: Shades of Gray) (1997)
Anthony Medwetz [13] Young Loengard (TV Episode: The Enemy Within) (1997)