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Grace Under Fire (TV series 1993-1998)

Grace Under Fire (Australia)

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1993 September, 29
30 minutes
Comedy / Romance
Production Company:

After divorcing her abusive, alcoholic husband and recovering from her own alcoholism, Grace tries to rebuild her life and protect her children from making the same mistakes. Against this serious backdrop, this show is actually a comedy, finding humor in the relationships between Grace and her co-workers at the oil refinery, her neighbors Wade and Nadine, and Russel Norton, the bachelor pharmacist. - IMDb

Äiti ja risat Finland
Grace West Germany
Grace al rojo vivo Spain
Grace Under Fire South Africa
Grace Under Fire Brazil
Grace Under Fire Australia
Grace Under Fire United Kingdom
Grace Under Fire Singapore
Grace Under Fire Ecuador
Grace Under Fire Netherlands
Grace Under Fire USA
Grace Under Fire Canada
Grace Under Fire Canada
Grace w opałach Poland
Inte bara morsa Sweden
Une maman formidable France
Грејсин живот Serbia
Грейс в огне Russia
Огнената Грейс Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Cole Sprouse [1] Patrick Kelly (TV Episode: Down in the Boondocks) (1993)
Dylan Sprouse [1] Patrick Kelly (TV Episode: Down in the Boondocks) (1993)
Rachael Bella [10] Little Girl (TV Episode: Grace and Beauty) (1994)
Heather McComb [17] Julia Shirley (TV Episode: Dear Grace) (1994)
Jordan Warkol [7] Food Group, Cheese (TV Episode: Say Goodnight, Gracie) (1993)
Lana McKissack [10] Japanese Singer (TV Episode: Grace and Beauty) (1994)
Leelee Sobieski [13] Lucy (TV Episode: Positively Hateful) (1996)
J. Madison Wright [10] Caroline Baldwin (TV Episode: Grace and Beauty) (1994)
J.C. Alexander Carnival kid #1 (TV Episode: Guess Who's Not Coming to Lunch?) (1996)
Sam Horrigan [15] Quentin Kelly (TV Episode: Down in the Boondocks) (1996)
Danielle Keaton [8] Lisa Torres (TV Episode: Grace and Beauty) (1994)
Bryan Matsuura [10] Interviewer #6 (TV Episode: Grace Graduates) (1997)
Miles Marsico [9] Robby (TV Episode: Fire Music) (1996)
Kaitlin Cullum [7] Libby Kelly
Kellen Hathaway [8] Sam