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Denmark: Actors and Actresses, born in this place (76)

1. Alstrup, Amalie Ihle (Actress)
2. Andersen, Julie Brochorst (Actress)
3. Andersen, Stefan Pagels (Actor)
4. Anselmo, Olivia (Actress)
5. Arlien-Søborg, Line (Actress)
6. Bille, Karl (Actor)
7. Billing, Lucas Munk (Actor)
8. Bjarke, Toke Lars (Actor)
9. Bjerg, Peter (Actor)
10. Bjerregaard, Stine (Actress)
11. Bratlann, Mette (Actress)
12. Busck, Ole (Actor)
13. Christensen, Stine Fischer (Actress)
14. Dollerup, Amalie (Actress)
15. Egelind, Molly Blixt (Actress)
16. Eggertsen, Jane (Actress)
17. Egholm, August Igor Svideniouk (Actor)
18. Fomsgaard, Casper Jexlev (Actor)
19. Fribo, Louise (Actress)
20. Gadeberg, Andrea Heick (Actress)
21. Garvey, Thomas (Actor)
22. Gråbøl, Sofie (Actress)
23. Gregersen, Mette (Actress)
24. Gringer, Judy (Actress)
25. Heinrich, Susanne (Actress)
26. Helmuth, Pusle (Actress)
27. Hollander, Ralf J. (Actor)
28. Holmer, Tina (Actress)
29. Jensen, Joy Nadia (Actress)
30. Jensen, Lasse Lindskov (Actor)
31. Kaysen, Kathrine Bremerskov (Actress)
32. Kløvedal, Pernille (Actress)
33. Konyher, Mikkel (Actor)
34. Kruse, Emilie (Actress)
35. Kvium, Jonathan (Actor)
36. Larsen, Birger (Actor)
37. Lassen-Kahlke, Sofie (Actress)
38. Lesniak, Janek (Actor)
39. Lever, Sofia (Actress)
40. Lorenzen, Ronnie (Actor)
41. Løkke, Karla (Actress)
42. Løkkegaard, Sophus Emil (Actor)
43. McWilliam, Oscar (Actor)
44. Melville, Cyron (Actor)
45. Meyer, Ole (Actor)
46. Miehe-Renard, Martin (Actor)
47. Mihn, Sara Mosegaard (Actress)
48. Mortensen, Claus Bender (Actor)
49. Nielsen, Helle (Actress)
50. Nielsen, Lykke (Actress)

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