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23 Oct, 22:05
16+ Фантастика/боевик.
Чужие против Хищника. Реквием
23 Oct, 23:10
Après avoir passé son enfance dans un pays du Moyen-Orient en guerre, Waël vit désormais en banlieue parisienne, où il multiplie les arnaques sur le parking d'un supermarché avec la complicité de Monique, une retraitée.
Mauvaises herbes
23 Oct, 23:25
Keď chceš byť superhrdinom, len kostým nestačí.
Kick-Ass 2
Au Mexique, en 1673, deux garçons sont victimes de leur mère, une inquiétante femme, toute vêtue et voilée de blanc, qui les noie dans une rivière.
La malédiction de la dame blanche
USA  2015 Sci-Fi-Action Spielfilm
Terminator: Genisys
En Angleterre, au Moyen-Age, Robin de Loxley, jeune homme bien né, tombe amoureux de la jolie Marianne, venue voler un cheval dans son écurie.
Robin des bois
Frank Morrison chce pre svojho syna len to najlepšie.
Malý svědek
Série jeunesse
L'école du rock
12+ Комедия.
HK/Taiw.  2011 Kung-Fu-Actiondrama Spielfilm

Added Movies

Il tratto
Year: 2018
Country: Italy
Genre: Short
Review: An introverted boy meets an elderly artist from Senegal, who helps him discover his talent and learn to see others for what they are. - IMDb
Year: 2017
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: Headbutt portrays the desire of Tobias (15) to restore the old relationship he had with his brother Lucas (18). While they used to do everything together, Lucas now has no interest in his younger brother anymore. When Tobias fantasizes that Lucas will commit suicide, Tobias has no other option than to restore the relationship with his isolated brother. - IMDb
Si le vent tombe
Year: 2020
Country: France Belgium Armenia
Genre: Drama
Review: An engineer must decide whether to reopen the airport in Nagorno Karabakh. - IMDb
Loin de vous j'ai grandi
Year: 2020
Country: France
Genre: Documentary
Review: Thirteen-year-old Nicolas lives in a foster home with his best friend, Saef. He enjoys many of the pleasures of childhood and sees his mother from time to time, but soon he will have to find his place. - IMDb
La última primavera
Year: 2020
Country: Netherlands Spain
Genre: Drama
Review: In a shanty town near Madrid, a group of squatters are forced to leave their self-built homes when the land they live on is sold. While this process slowly unfolds, the different members of the Spanish Gabarre Mendoza family struggle, each in their own way, with their newly uprooted lives. - IMDb
Il mio corpo
Year: 2020
Country: Italy Switzerland
Genre: Documentary
Review: Under the Sicilian sunlight, Oscar collects scrap metal with his father. At the other end of town, Stanley the Nigerian migrant gets by thanks to small tasks given by the parish priest. Both share the same desire for a better life. - IMDb
Year: 2018
Country: Norway
Genre: Drama
Review: From a young age, Jill has acted as the responsible adult in her small family. She cares for her loving but mentally unstable mother and her younger brother. The news that their estranged father will be visiting on Jill's birthday gives the children much needed hope. When the family is struck by tragedy, Jill keeps it a secret. - IMDb
Miluj ma alebo odid
Year: 2013
Country: Slovakia
Genre: Drama
Review: Mother and daughter in a fight for the same man. - IMDb
Ævintýri Pappírs Pésa
Year: 1990
Country: Iceland
Genre: Family / Fantasy
Review: Follows the adventure of a group of kids and a paper boy named Peter. Plane ride, box car racing and bad neighbors are all included. - IMDb
The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (TV series)
Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Documentary / Crime
Review: The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann takes a detailed look at the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann, who vanished from the seaside resort of Praia de Luz in Portugal, while on holiday with her family. - IMDb

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Top 10 Movies

1. Sexuele voorlichting (1991)
Votes: 70
2. Barnens ö (1980)
Votes: 108
3. En tu ausencia (2008)
Votes: 73
4. Du er ikke alene (1978)
Votes: 94
5. En sommerforelskelse (1989)
Votes: 42
6. La gloire de mon père (1990)
Votes: 59
7. Voor een verloren soldaat (1992)
Votes: 61
8. Tom et Lola (1990)
Votes: 73
9. Pelle erobreren (1987)
Votes: 55
10. Le souffle au coeur (1971)
Votes: 43

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