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Dalva (2022)
Cocaine Bear (2023)
John Wick: Chapter 3... (2019)
Minions: The Rise of... (2022)
Der Polizist, der Mo... (2017)
Overlord (2018)
Cuckoos children (2013)
Drugelio sirdis (2021)
Overgivelse (1988)
Saving Pushkin (2021)
Liniya zhizni (2019)
Bloody Birthday (1981)
Le temps des secrets (2022)
Ceux qui travaillent (2018)
La Línea Imaginaria (2023)

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В центре повествования молодой независимый литератор, пытающийся привлечь внимание общества к социальным проблемам и выдающий себя за еврея, с тем чтобы написать ряд статей об антисемитизме и взглянуть на трагедию народа без Родины глазами еврея.
During the late 50s Frederique and Sophie, two sisters 13 and eight years old, are sent with a governess to spend their summer in Brittany.
In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae.
Film 1992
The boy Vito is a portrait of beauty and wide-eyed innocence spawned from a violent family of kidnapers and murderers in the South of Italy.
Barnaby Fulton is a research chemist working on a fountain of youth pill for a chemical company.
The McCandles ranch is run over by a gang of cutthroats led by the evil John Fain.
Paul (13) is living with his father, and find making friends impossible.
John a Jennifer Groganovi sa sťahujú do južnej Kalifornie.
thriller, USA 2008
Jeden zamach, kilka dróg do poznania prawdy.
SPOILER: When Briony Tallis, 13 years old and an aspiring writer, sees her older sister Cecilia and Robbie Turner at the fountain in front of the family estate she misinterprets what is happening thus setting into motion a series of misunderstandings and a childish pique that will have lasting repercussions for all of them.
Veteran bounty-hunter Morg Hickman rides into a town in danger.
Bohatý Victor Pivert je večne uponáhľaný, nevrlý a netolerantný, dá sa povedať, že až xenofóbny človek.
Po stretnutí s otužilcom Broňou začína ovdovelá Hana pozvoľna meniť svoj stereotypný život, ktorý sa doteraz točil...
Дэнни встретил Палмер и, чтобы произвести впечатление, рассказал ей о своей несуществующей жене и тяготах семейной жизни.
USA  2012 Fantasyaction Spielfilm

Added Movies

IMDb: 7.7/10  (222)
Year: 2022
Country: France Belgium
Genre: Drama
Review: Dalva is 12, but she dresses and lives like a woman. One day, she's taken away from her house. Dumbfounded at first, she later meets Jayden, a social worker, and Samia, a teen with a temper. A new life seems to start for Dalva. - IMDb
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Genre: Short
Our Parents Lied
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Drama / Horror / Thriller
Review: In search of a cure for the zombie epidemic, abused siblings drive cross-country with their undead mother in the trunk. - IMDb
The Desert
IMDb: 7.3/10  (7)
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Drama / Sci-Fi / Western
Review: In a suburban mansion, Martha sneaks into her son's virtual reality chamber. Here, he wanders through a desert with extraordinary powers. The machine is intended as a psychiatric treatment, yet Martha's trespass sets in motion a series of threatening events. The virtual reality, it seems, has begun to leak into their home. Inspired by Melodrama films of the 1950s, THE DESERT examines feminist heroism through the lens of contemporary sci-fi. - IMDb
Chingachguk (TV series)
Year: 2022
Country: Russia
Genre: Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Review: Ilya Chugunov, nicknamed Chingachguk, detective of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Staraya Russa, takes on the investigation of a series of murders of young girls and the search for a maniac, and his faithful friend, a horse named Foma, helps him in this. - IMDb
Cuckoos children
Year: 2013
Country: Lithuania
Genre: Documentary / Short / Drama
Review: Twelve lost children live in a remote country house near Silute town. Their mother is Ona who was an orphan herself. Ona takes her foster children to meet their real mothers. She wants them to know their roots. Three colorful meetings after not seeing each other for several years. Do cuckoos recognize their children? - IMDb
Drugelio sirdis
IMDb: 7.6/10  (66)
Year: 2021
Country: Lithuania
Genre: Drama / Family
Review: This is the story of a ten-year-old boy named Juozapas, who is one in a million because he was born with his heart outside of his chest and survived. Juozapas avoids interaction with children, the center of his world is an old, deserted manor house and the insects he is raising there. His peace is disturbed when same age girl Rugile moves to the town and it's time to go to school. After sharing various experiences, they gradually become friends. - IMDb
El Kaboos (TV series)
IMDb: 6.8/10  (39)
Year: 2015
Country: Egypt
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery
Review: A mother's journey in search for her son's murderer. The story unfolds between the past, present and even nightmares which gives subtle clues and hints to guide the mother to the murderer. - IMDb
Saving Pushkin
IMDb: 4.7/10  (31)
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama
Review: 1944. Russia, Michailovskoye village, memorial house of Pushkin. Maria Shiller, a German professor of literature, comes here from Germany to educate Wehrmacht soldiers and local peasants. Her actions lead to the disapproval of German military commanders. A local resident named Sergey starts a forbidden romance with the German lady. Soon afterwards Berlin orders to bring all historic values out of the country. Sergey decides to save the country's heritage at all costs. Pushkin's patrimony should stay in Russia. Even if it costs a life. - IMDb
IMDb: 8.0/10  (7)
Year: 2021
Country: France
Genre: Short / Sci-Fi