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Mission Ulja Funk (2021)
Baba Yaga spasayet m... (2023)
Credimi! (2022)
El Último Vagón (2023)
Une colonie (2018)
Les nôtres (2020)
Ils ont échangé mon ... (2018)
Roald Dahl’s M... (2022)
Sie fanden eine Heim... (1953)
Aunque es de noche (2023)
Le temps d’aim... (2023)
The New Boy (2023)
Rapito (2023)
Kaibutsu (2023)
Bully (2019)

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1 Jun, 22:05
Harry Pendel, un sarto di Panama, viene reclutato da una spia inglese per ascoltare i discorsi dei politici che lui veste.
1 Jun, 22:05
Now that Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and Brian and Mia have retired from the game-and the rest of the crew has been exonerated-the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life.
1 Jun, 22:15
When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.
1 Jun, 22:40
F  2012 Künstlerdrama Spielfilm
1 Jun, 23:02
Boule lives with his dad ,his mom ,his dog Bill and his tortoise Caroline ;the father's new boss does not like the comics he makes :they are too happy,she wants sufferings ,blood ....Boule has got problems too: there's a newcomer in his school ,Wilfrid ,whose father is a brave policeman who made the headlines in a newspaper;this pretentious brat has also his eye on Charlotte , Boule's girlfriend .Life will become hard ,in school ,as well as at home.
1 Jun, 23:15
VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS is the new adventure film from Luc Besson, the director of The Professional, The Fifth Element and Lucy, based on the comic book series which inspired a generation of artists, writers and filmmakers.
1 Jun, 23:15
Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world.
1 Jun, 23:25
(The Last Witch Hunter) Lovec čarodějnic Kaulder se střetne s královnou čarodějnic, která jej ve smrtelné křeči...
1 Jun, 23:40
Veteran bounty-hunter Morg Hickman rides into a town in danger.
Отправляясь с родителями на отдых в Крым, Сергей и представить себе не мог, какие приключения его здесь ожидают.
A disease carried by common cockroaches is killing Manhattan children.
Film 1983
A young man finds a back door into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing, possibly starting World War III.
Kol./F  2000 Schwulendrama Spielfilm
Six unemployed steel workers, inspired by the Chippendale's dancers, form a male striptease act.

Added Movies

A Christmas Carol
IMDb: 5.1/10  (351)
Year: 2020
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Animation / Drama
Review: A radical animated retelling of the holiday classic that starts with a Victorian performance of the Charles Dickens tale before diving into the imagination of one of the children in the audience, taking the story to a darker fantasy realm. - IMDb
Kon' izabellovoy masti (mini)
Year: 2019
Country: Russia
Genre: Crime / Mystery
Review: The love boat of Varya and Sergey Voronin crashed into everyday life: mutual reproaches, misunderstanding, problems with a teenage son. Basically a divorce. Quite a banal story, but. In a distant Arab country, a fabulously expensive horse, the winner of many races, and even the owner of the rarest suit - Isabella, was kidnapped. Police forces of many states, including Russia, have been thrown into the search for the horse. By the will of an almighty chance, the ruined Voronin family is drawn into this "oriental tale of a magic horse", which turned out to be not only terrible, mortally dangerous for them, but, oddly enough, saving. - IMDb
Trop potes (TV series)
Year: 2011
Country: France
Genre: Comedy / Family
Review: Follows the busy life of seven French college students: a pretty fashion girl, her good girlfriend, sporty twins, a dreamy intellectual, a prankster and an attractive teen. - IMDb
Qin ai
IMDb: 6.2/10  (23)
Year: 2012
Country: China
Genre: Drama
Review: This film presents the love between a mother and a daughter who don't have blood connection with each other. It praised mothers' instinct on the earth. Simultaneously, it discusses the question of losing identity and value principle in Chinese metro cities. The actress of Beloved goes through of the disability of Culture Revolution. She has seen the change of China comes out of poverty. Also, the strong different that Chinese has experienced brought them the biggest characteristic. Beloved takes a Japanese orphan as background. There are two story lines to describe a Chinese mother and a Japanese one's love to a daughter. It treats the wars and histories between Japan and China calmly with shoot method that sound and picture are out of sync. - IMDb
Yi dai xiao xiong (TV series)
Year: 2014
Country: China
Genre: Drama
Review: In the 1920s, He Futang, who had returned from studying abroad, returned to his hometown of Fenglei Town in Shaanxi Province. However, it happened that his father was killed by the greedy and ruthless group leader Wei Zhengxian and the landlord Liu Qingfu in collusion. Afterwards, Futang endured humiliation and became Liu Qingfu's doorstep son-in-law. Futang was ordered to smuggle tobacco and was seized by the military, and immediately used the other party's hand to eliminate his enemy Liu Qingfu. Wei Zhengxian realized something was wrong and had already escaped first. However, Futang had since stepped into the life of a treacherous owl, with his original partner Liu Erquan harboring suspicion and plotting revenge during the turbulent times of Wei. Bandits, warlords, and the Red Army, the center of intertwined forces, need not be more careful in their dealings. The lingering and helpless emotional entanglement with Cheng Lixue also added a touch of warmth to the life of this turbulent hero. - IMDb
Karma & Jonar (TV series)
IMDb: 9.0/10  (24)
Year: 2022
Country: Sweden
Genre: Animation / Fantasy
Review: Glimeria is a beautiful and magical land where evil is on the raise. Our heroes, Karma and Jonar, comes from two rivalry families. Together they must overcome their families feud to save Glimeria from the evil stone dragon. - IMDb
Mission Ulja Funk
IMDb: 6.9/10  (48)
Year: 2021
Country: Germany Luxembourg Poland
Genre: Adventure / Family
Review: 12 year old astronomy geek Uja, armed with a stolen hearse and a classmate as driver, journeys across Eastern Europe to monitor the impact of an asteroid. - IMDb
Proisshestviy ne zaregistrirovano
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Aktrisy (TV series)
IMDb: 6.0/10  (49)
Year: 2023
Country: Russia
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Review: The series, like a stage play, is divided into three acts, with a three-year period between each of them and tells a story that will shatter viewers' perceptions of the actors' lifestyle and offer a glimpse into their reality with all their fears, desires, and goals. It will become clear how those whom everyone is used to consider carefree live and work when the stage lights go off. And how actors, more so than any other professionals, can hit rock bottom despite being on their peak the day before. - IMDb
IMDb: 6.5/10  (232)
Year: 2023
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama / History / War
Review: During the WWll, Nikolai Kiselyov faces an unthinkable task: he must withdraw more than 200 people doomed to death in captivity from the Belarusian village of Dolginovo occupied by the Nazis behind the front line. Will he be able to save the elderly, women, and children - exhausted, frightened, who have lost loved ones and faith in salvation - from the imminent brutal massacre? Jewish refugees, accompanied by Kiselyov and several partisans from the 'Avenger' detachment, will have to walk fifteen hundred kilometers, and this path will be the most dangerous test in their lives. - IMDb