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Comrade Anna (2019)
A Muzzarell (2024)
Une paire de jumelle... (2019)
Noci sonanti (2019)
Touched (2017)
Manifest West (2022)
CE2 (2021)
Avatar: The Last Air... (2024)
James and the Giant ... (1996)
The Zone of Interest (2023)
Plein Ouest (2019)
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Peter Rabbit 2: The ... (2021)
Guilty by Suspicion (1991)
The Hunger (1983)

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Jacques - potápač, ktorý dosiahol bez dýchacieho prístroja také hĺbky, aké pred ním nedosiahol žiadny iný...
svéd dráma,2011
A svédországi Göteborg központjában egy 12-14 éves fiúcsoport 2006 és 2008 között körülbelül 40 alkalommal rabolt ki más gyerekeket.
V obave, že činy nadpozemského superhrdinu z Metropolisu ostanú bez kontroly, nastúpi proti nemu impozantný...
Film 2005
In a remote area of Northern Kenya, activist Tessa Quayle is found brutally murdered.
Жена зарабатывает, а я отдыхаю — так решил Антуан, отец четырех прекрасных детей, увольняясь с работы.
dramat obyczajowy, Polska 1971
Druga część śląskiej trylogii Kazimierza Kutza.
Newt Scamander prichádza v roku 1926 do New Yorku so svojim záhadným kufríkom, v ktorom sa nachádza obrovská...
F  2015 Komödie Spielfilm ab 11 Jahren
svéd dráma,2011
A svédországi Göteborg központjában egy 12-14 éves fiúcsoport 2006 és 2008 között körülbelül 40 alkalommal rabolt ki más gyerekeket.
Быстрее, опаснее, сильнее.
amerikai-angol-francia sci-fi akciófilm,1994
1928-ban, Egyiptomban egy régészeti expedíció különös, kör alakú tárgyra bukkan.
amerikai fantasztikus akciófilm,1999
Neót, a komputer hackert nem érdekli a kérdés.
Приключения отважного юнги, которому во время дальнего плавания пришлось заменить капитана корабля.
horror, USA 2019
Dzieci Anny, pracownicy opieki społecznej, wpadają w ręce znanej z opowieści La Llorony.
amerikai horror,2018
A valóság minden képzeletet felülír.

Added Movies

Happy Rakhi
Year: 2023
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: A feisty 9-year-old Indian girl's relationship with her brothers is tested when she starts her period during their festive celebration of Raksha Bandhan. - IMDb
Comrade Anna
Year: 2019
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Short / Fantasy
Review: Anna is a nine-year-old girl of Swiss and South Korean origin, who is torn between her cultures. One night, she hears a noise coming from her wardrobe and a mysterious man appears inside. To her surprise, he seems rather lost than threatening. The stranger turns out to be from North Korea and desperately wants to return back home, so Anna decides to help him. She learns that her new friend isn't so very different from herself. - IMDb
IMDb: 6.6/10  (39)
Year: 2021
Country: Germany
Genre: Adventure / Family
Review: There seems to be little room in society for imaginative people. Paul's father was personally affected by this. When he told the people of his village how old records indicated there was a legendary cave inside the Ursulenberg mountain, they thought he was a crank. But more than a year ago, he left on an expedition and never returned. Did he find the cave and have an accident there? Paul has a hard time coping with his father's disappearance. He keeps thinking about what his father had told him: "We have to dream as much as we can. How can all the wonderful things that could change the world become real if no one dares to imagine them?" On the last day of school, Paul picks up his father's notes and decides to go in search of the cave with his best friend. Thus begins the summer of their lives. - IMDb
Like a Loser (TV series)
IMDb: 7.0/10  (51)
Year: 2023
Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy
Review: Suddenly becoming a father at 30 when you can call yourself anything but an adult? In the comedy series "Like a Loser," Julian learns that he has a son - Ernst is already 15 years old. - IMDb
La case du siècle (TV series)
IMDb: 7.3/10  (23)
Year: 2010
Country: France
Genre: Documentary / History / War
Review: Dive into the history of the 20th century in France and around the world. - IMDb
IMDb: 7.0/10  (88 371)
Year: 2016
Country: France Belgium
Genre: Drama / Horror
Review: A young woman, studying to be a vet, develops a craving for human flesh. - IMDb
Beef (TV series)
IMDb: 8.0/10  (130 138)
Year: 2023
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Review: Two people let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action. - IMDb
A Great Divide
IMDb: 6.3/10  (29)
Year: 2023
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Review: The Lee family leave the Bay Area for a fresh start in the rural expanses of Wyoming, only to encounter hostility and xenophobia in their new community. How they confront these issues will break them - or make them stronger. - IMDb
American Girl: Corinne Tan
IMDb: 8.1/10  (102)
Year: 2023
Country: USA
Genre: Drama / Family
Review: 13-year-old Corrine deals with her parents' recent divorce while everyone else is already adapted to their new roles as a blended family, challenging herself to train a rambunctious puppy as she discovers her new purpose. - IMDb
You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah
IMDb: 6.0/10  (23 273)
Year: 2023
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Review: Stacy and Lydia are BFFs who've always dreamed about having epic Bat Mitzvahs. However, things start to go comically awry when a popular boy and middle school drama threatens their friendship and their rite of passage. - IMDb