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Spinning Man (2018)
Drama / Mystery
Tenet (2020)
Action / Drama
Aydede (2018)
See (2019)
Action / Drama
Predok (2019)
Action / Drama
Achoura (2018)
Fantasy / Horror
Binti (2019)
Drama / Family

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film kostiumowy, Polska 2003
IX wiek.
Stara baśń. Kiedy słońce było bogiem
12+ Боевик.
Talented amateur singer after years of honest work became a famous professional, but an old enemy of his family is envy of his success.
Танцор диско
12+ Комедия.
Comédie dramatique
L'incroyable équipe
16+ Биографический.
Pele's meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17 is chronicled in this biographical drama.
Пеле: рождение легенды
12+ Комедия.
amerikai musical,1979
Joe Gideon táncos, színész, koreográfus, rendező, a Broadway ünnepelt sztárja.
Mindhalálig zene
GB  2007 Liebesepos Spielfilm
Film d'aventures
Sept ans au Tibet

Added Movies

The Potato Factory (mini)
Year: 2000
Country: Australia
Genre: Comedy / Drama / History
Review: This four-hour miniseries tells the story of Ikey Solomon, his wife Hannah and his mistress Mary, who get caught in the criminal world of early 19th-century London and the convict settlement of Van Diemen's Land in Australia. - IMDb
My Husband My Killer (TV)
Year: 2001
Country: Australia
Genre: Crime / Drama
Review: New South Wales detective sergeant Bob 'Snake' Inkster almost immediately suspects highly respected ethnic Croation businessman Andrew Kalajzich of the murder of his wife, shot in bed with him while he just rolled out of bed unharmed. Professional criminal George Cannellis makes a deal to prove his admission to have been hired anonymously for the job, but fled rather then kill adolescent son Butch too. The hit was carried out, after more failed attempts, by clumsy amateurs Kerry Orrock and/or Bill Vandenberg. Snake suspects Andrew's motive is an affair with younger secretary Marlene Watson. - IMDb
Year: 2018
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: Multiple secrets at this night gives them the perfect party. - IMDb
Bozo: The World's Most Famous Clown (TV series 1958-1962)
Year: 1958
Country: USA
Genre: Animation / Comedy
Review: Children's show. The adventures of Bozo the Clown. - IMDb
Gidget (TV series 1965-1966)
Year: 1965
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Review: Frances "Gidget" Lawrence lives with her widowed college professor father in Southern California. Anne is her older sister who is married to John Cooper, an obtuse but lovable psychology student. Gidget spends most of her free time, hanging out with friends and surfing at the beach. She also has a knack for getting in and out of trouble. Gidget speaks to the audience during her journey to adulthood, letting them know exactly what's on her mind and what she's discovered about life. She also receives moral instruction from her father and gains wisdom from her experiences. - IMDb
Flower Drum Song
Year: 1961
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy / Musical / Romance
Review: A young woman arrives in San Francisco's Chinatown from Hong Kong with the intention of marrying a rakish nightclub owner, unaware he is involved with one of his singers. - IMDb
Stagecoach to Dancers' Rock
Year: 1962
Country: USA
Genre: Action / Adventure / Western
Review: Six passengers in a stagecoach are abandoned by their driver when he discovers that one of them has smallpox. - IMDb
El Legado (TV series)
Year: 2014
Country: Argentina
Genre: Adventure
Caídos del mapa
Year: 2013
Country: Argentina
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Family
Review: Four friends want to explore the basement of their school but Miriam ,the go-between of the classroom ,listens to their plan.They are in trouble. - IMDb
Year: 1967
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Drama

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6. La gloire de mon père (1990)
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9. Pelle erobreren (1987)
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10. Le souffle au coeur (1971)
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