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Inu no eiga
Year: 2005
Country: Japan
Genre: Family
Review: It is no secret that dogs are the superlative of superlatives when it comes to life and existence on this planet so it should be no surprise that a film, or anthology, on these noble beings would tug at the heart. In different sketches several directors depict the lives of dogs and their human parents while examining thoughts, deeds and patterns thematically from both points-of-view. - IMDb

Zatoichi Jigoku tabi
Year: 1965
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama / Adventure / Action
Review: Zatoichi makes friends with a dangerous chess player, while fending off angry yakuza and bloodthirsty relatives out for revenge, and trying to save a sick child. Meanwhile, his luck with dice is turning... - IMDb

Prehistoric Women
Year: 1950
Country: USA
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy
Review: Tigri (Laurette Luez, working her way up to Bomba and Bowery Boys films) and her stone-age girl friends hate all men, but realizing they are a necessary evil, capture some for potential (strictly business, no recreation allowed) husbands. Engor (Allan Nixon, working his way down to the Mesa of Lost Women) escapes and, in his travels, discovers fire. This comes in handy later, after he has been recaptured by the women, when he drives off a dragon, or something, with his new discovery. This little feat has the effect of making the women realize their rightful subservient position, and he and Tigri have a primitive (non-catered) wedding, and go off to start a new tribe of fur-wearers. - IMDb

Mavi bisiklet
Year: 2016
Country: Turkey
Genre: Drama / Family
Review: 12-year-old Ali lives an austere life in the Anatolian countryside. He's saving up his hard-earned money for his big dream: a brand-new, blue bicycle. When Elif, the girl he is secretly in love with, becomes the victim of a great injustice at school, Ali takes up the passionate fight for democracy and against a system stuck in its ways. - IMDb

O Noviço Rebelde
Year: 1997
Country: Brazil
Genre: Family / Comedy
Review: The troubled adventures of a country novice who goes to the big city to work as a nanny, taking care of the young and rebel sons of a widow businessman. - IMDb

Os vagabundos Trapalhões
Year: 1982
Country: Brazil
Genre: Family / Comedy
Review: Bonga and three other good-hearted bums give shelter to homeless children and find adoptive parents for them. One day, a rich boy, tired of his parents' indifference, ask Bonga for shelter, saying he is homeless. From then on their lives change. - IMDb

Has Been (mini)
Year: 2017

Zacarovana laska (TV)
Year: 2007
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Family

Liangjia funu
Year: 1986
Country: China
Genre: Drama
Review: The film shows a story of struggle between the traditions of arranged marriage and love. Xingxian is a 18 year old girl who finds herself engaged to a 8 year old boy. When a young man her age comes to town, she falls in love. They eventually elope and she become the first girl from her village to break the tradition of arranged marriage. - IMDb

Year: 2011
Country: Brazil
Genre: Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama
Review: In the '40s, three brothers decide to live a great adventure and enlisting in the Roncador-Xingu Expedition, which has a mission to tame the Central Brazil. The Villas Boas brothers: Orlando, 27, Claudius, 25, and Leonardo, 23, engage in a fantastic and incredible saga. Soon start to lead the expedition that opens new paths 1,500 km, navigates over 1,000 miles of unspoilt rivers, opens 19 airfields for airplanes Army, gives rise to the creation of 43 towns and 14 make contact with wild Indian tribes, unknown, as the Xavante, courageous and feared warriors, no casualties on both sides. This adventure allows the Villas Boas brothers the creation of the Xingu National Park, the first major Amerindian reservation in Brazil, the size of Belgium, transforming them into true contemporary heroes . - IMDb

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