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6 Jun 2016, 01:06
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Posted: 9 Jan 2017, 14:17
Hey all. Was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for any good movies to watch that are on YouTube. I am after quality of the movie rather than the actor being in a state of undress. The likes of movie i am after is Brecha, Radio Flyer etc.

Thanks. ☺️

Thanks. Alex.

19 Sep 2011, 16:44
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Posted: 18 Jan 2017, 22:39
You might like to try Little Cheung (1999). This is a poignant tale about the life of a 9 year old boy living in Hong Kong, just before the British handover to China. It can be seen in full, on YouTube, with English subtitles:

It is listed here with its original title:

25 May 2017, 12:58
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Posted: 26 May 2017, 09:19
Hi Alex,

Another good film on youtube is called 'DVA LIDI V ZOO'
It is probably Russian, but the quality is good and it has one or two nice scenes in it.

Best wishes.


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