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Author: ninjamasters

Movie: Akademia pana Kleksa (1984)
Posted: 8 Jan 2016
pretty funny movie i like it
Movie: Srpski film (2010)
Posted: 10 Apr 2012
this his a very sick movie and very disgusting made maid me sick to my stomach
Movie: Black Moon (1975)
Posted: 6 Mar 2012
i wacht thise movy and you are right thise his the weirdest movie i ever sean in all my life
Movie: Testament (1983)
Posted: 12 Feb 2012
thise hise a very goods movie i woulds recommande it to every body in a nuclear war nobody will survive it hise bether to make pice whit your ennemie
Movie: Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996)
Posted: 11 Feb 2012
thise movie completely suck the 1 lawnmower man movie wase bether
Movie: Père de mes enfants, Le (2009)
Posted: 31 Dec 2011
thise movie hise very boring i would knot recommend it to anybody unlest you have 1 houre and a afte to waste time
Movie: Tomboy (2011)
Posted: 1 Dec 2011
thise hise a greats movie i woulds suggets thats you woulds by the movie if you coulds
Movie: Kan shang qu hen mei (2006)
Posted: 26 Nov 2011
there a lottes of nudistes sean in thise movie the onlything thats bother me hise thats they where treating the kids likes a bunch of animal like they where a bunch of cows are something like thats
Movie: Barnens ö (1980)
Posted: 26 Nov 2011
greats movie i really like it
Movie: Home (2008)
Posted: 25 Nov 2011
thise hise a greats movie and very funny i woulds suggest it to any 1 just did knot like the ending

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