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Author: moviegirls

Movie: Ai no korîda (1976)
Posted: 4 Sep 2008
I did see a version showing the two kids running around, but it did not seem to have the scene described above. Probably censored out. Has anyone actually seen the scene as described? Is it...
Movie: Sommerjubel (1986)
Posted: 19 Feb 2008
This film is (or was) shown in schools in Norway as a part of sex ed.
Movie: Tom et Lola (1990)
Posted: 15 Feb 2008
A very beautiful and unique love story. The ending is intentionally vague and subjective.
Movie: Irréversible (2002)
Posted: 24 Sep 2006
*very* irritating film; final scene is hard to see due to camera work (scene is shot upside-sown and then the camera starts spinning)