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Author: Shadrach

Movie: Fatty Finn (1980)
Posted: 20 Dec 2009
Ben Oxenbould is fab in the title role, while Greg Kelly makes a fine opponent as the bully 'Bruiser' Murphy, who discovers a novel use for lipstick! But Fatty gives as good as he gets, via the use...
Movie: Popi (1969)
Posted: 22 Nov 2009
A surprisingly hard-edged comedy that nevertheless remains a must see, owing mainly to the cheeky charm of the two young actors playing Alan Arkin's sons.
Movie: Oddballs (1984)
Posted: 22 Nov 2009
Wally Wodchis shines in this endearing comedy full of visual puns and zany silliness. A little known gem.
Movie: Gotcha (1991)
Posted: 22 Nov 2009
Once seen, never forgotten. Daniel D'amico earned himself a legion of admirers with his hilariouslx embarrassing antics as he is locked out of his house after a shower, still minus his clothing. And...
Movie: Tom Brown's Schooldays (1951)
Posted: 15 Nov 2009
John Howerd Davies is excellent in the role of Tom Brown in this great adaption. One suspects that he may wince somewhat at the obligitory skinny-dipping scene however! This film is available in both...
Movie: War of the Buttons (1994)
Posted: 15 Nov 2009
A charming and amusing film about two rival gangs. The 'naked warriors' scene is hilarious! This is a worthy remake of the 1962 French film.
Movie: Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco (1981)
Posted: 15 Nov 2009
The tragic Fernando Ramos Da Silva stars in this unforgettable - and now difficult to find - classic.
Movie: Believers, The (1987)
Posted: 15 Nov 2009
Harley Cross gives a sterling performance in a genuinely unsettling horror film.
Movie: Pollyanna (1960)
Posted: 15 Nov 2009
If you can get past the initial shock of a boy's bare butt being the opening shot of the film, then you should find this a classic and timeless Disney adaption.
Movie: Witches, The (1990)
Posted: 15 Nov 2009
Jasen Fisher (where did he go?) Is great in this well made adaption of a great book.

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