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Author: tag1462

Movie: Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)
Posted: 14 May 2009
I've seen this film many times, & each time it grows on me - which accounts for the high rating. At first, an entirely predictable and average feel good family film. But each time I watch it, I see...
Movie: Pretty Baby (1978)
Posted: 9 May 2009
Okay, does anybody watch this as a film? It's really an ( sort of ) indepth character study. Violet knows one world and grows into it.... and it's perfectly normal. Bellocq sees something else......
Movie: Angela (1995)
Posted: 9 May 2009
I watch this film any chance I get. Despite the low budget, and often inept production ( you can see the sound booms in several scenes ) you can tell this is meant as an indepth look into the...
Movie: Waterworld (1995)
Posted: 9 May 2009
Great character interaction between the Mariner & Enola, especially the scene where he teaches her to swim. A great metaphore - on many levels - it's the anchor point for the film as the story & the...

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